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Compensation for Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is a fairly common complaint in the United Kingdom and at some point during our lives the probability is that we will become a victim of it. In 2010 there were almost 85 thousand documented instances in Britain even though it is alleged the true figure is really a lot higher as experts believe that a large number of cases remain unreported.

Although food poisoning is of course in no way pleasant, fortunately most sufferers recover within a day or two and with no need to seek medical help. For a lot of people though, the condition may become more serious and cause longer term medical conditions; some of the most extreme cases may be fatal.

If you believe you have food poisoning as a result of eating in a public restaurant or cafe, then get in touch with Mercury Legal Online on 0800 122 3130 – you may have a claim for compensation against the place where you ate.

Do I have a claim for compensation

Information on the more common forms of food poisoning can be found on this website. However, when you think that you might have been the victim of a more serious form of food poisoning, caused by somebody else’s carelessness, then Mercury Legal Online is here to help.

6 Steps For Making a Food Poisoning Claim, Start Now!

To help us, personal injury solicitors, to help you please consider the following list of guidelines and try to keep as much info that you can:-

1. You will need to remember that our solicitors can help you with food poisoning abroad as well as in the British isles. Hygiene standards might not be as we would usually expect when on holiday abroad or on a luxury cruise liner. If you believe your illness is linked with a package holiday or cruise contact us to see if we can help.

2. Keep as much evidence as possible. No restaurant or any other food outlet/seller ever wishes to be accused of making their clients ill, so it is quite normal for that seller to refute any wrong-doing when first contacted by our solicitors. If you believe your illness has arisen from a product you bought from a shop or supermarket then try and keep the packaging or even the actual product itself. Likewise any receipts or evidence of purchase from a cafe or restaurant, food outlet or takeaway could be useful.

4. In case you have to seek health advice it is quite crucial that you simply tell the doctor exactly what happened and who or what you believe would be to blame. Food poisoning symptoms for example vomiting and diarrhoea can be the result of a variety of other medical problems therefore it may be a challenge to pin the issues down to a particular event unless the medical information are as accurate as possible.

6. Call us immediately. The quicker we’re aware of your problems, the sooner we are able to begin our research. It is not unusual for food poisoning cases to come in ‘clusters’ or outbreaks affecting a group of people. The quicker we can get in touch with fellow victims and have the supporting evidence the better your case is to prove.

We have specialist personal injury solicitors ready and waiting to assist you if you think that you have suffered food poisoning. It’s simple to contact our solicitors and you’re not obliged to pursue a claim.

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